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Drag Bingo night will be a captivating blend of Bingo and spectacular drag performances, designed to provide an evening of unforgettable entertainment hosted by Minor Misdemeanor and Victoria Sexton-Misdemeanor! With a vibrant and lively atmosphere, this event is hosted by talented drag performers who bring charisma and energy to every moment. The engaging hosts lead the audience through a series of games and dances, keeping everyone involved and entertained.

You can look forward to a dynamic experience that includes interactive games such as Bingo and Trivia, which are elevated by the performers' flair and sense of humor. Our queens create a lively environment, encouraging audience participation in twerk-offs and other impromptu dance breaks that add a touch of excitement and whimsy to the night!

You will be treated to dazzling live shows, featuring extravagant costumes, makeup, and performances that showcase the drag artists' unique talents. The hosts' witty commentary and charming personalities keep the crowd engaged and laughing, making for a truly memorable evening.